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Professional Dermatologists in Dorchester, Dorset

Skin Cancer: Recognising and Treating the Condition

Our practised dermatologists have the experience and knowledge needed to recognise and treat skin cancer. Arrange an appointment if you have any doubts or concerns.

Mohs Micrographics Surgery

One of the treatment options we offer for skin cancer is mohs micrographics surgery. Learn more about this procedure, which has a high rate of success.

Acne Treatments

Friendly and sympathetic, our clinic provides treatments for acne. We’ll help you to regain self-confidence and reduce the symptoms of this condition.

Treating Other Dermatological Conditions

Backed by a wealth of expertise, our clinicians offer treatments for a variety of additional dermatological conditions.

CONTACT our skin clinic in Dorchester, Dorset, for the assistance of experienced dermatologists.

About Us

For the assistance of experienced, qualified, and personable dermatologists, turn to Skin Care and Surgery Ltd. Our skin clinic offers in-depth consultations for the identification and treatment of a variety of skin conditions. We also provide skin cancer surgery, and skin cancer removal. Training programmes are also delivered to health professionals including GPs. In addition, we facilitate “skin camps” that offer teaching and explanations about good skin care.

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